(DOWNLOAD MTV LOVE SCHOOL SEASON 3) MTV Love School is a reality show that aims to solve the problems of young couples and bring them closer, thereby making their relationship stronger.

The first season of the show was hosted by actors Upen Patel & Karishma Tanna (who have now broken up; the irony is strong here).


Season 1 participant…

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  • Kabir & Pooja (Finalist)
  • Zain & Vishakha (fake couple)
  • Tushar & Karishma (Winners of MTV love school)
  • Malkit & Gurpreet (Maddy & Silky) (Finalist)
  • Deepesh & Khwaab (Eliminated)
  • Karan Singh Chhabra and Neha Singh ( Eliminated)
  • Abhishek & Veronica (Eliminated)
  • Ankit & Vishakha (Eliminated)
  • Gaurav & Akanksha (Eliminated)
  • Jagnoor & Manisha

The second season will be hosted by Karan Kundra & Anusha Dandekar

Season 2 participant…

  • Pranav and Rashika (eliminated first due to Pranav’s health)
  • Jagnoor and Monica (broke off on the show in episode 16)
  • Ipsita & Sandeepan (Graduated in episode 10)
  • Bhuvan & Ranjana (proved to be a fake couple) (thrown out of the show in episode 13)
  • Bhavya and Rasika (Finalist)
  • Honey and Ashiya (Finalist)
  • Varun and Jacqueline (thrown out of the show in episode 19)
  • Pasha Doll and Khem Raj Bhardwaj(Winner)
  • Shivam and Sophia(Wildcard entry) (Graduated in episode 20)
  • Anjali and Ashraf (Wild Card Entry)

The third season will be hosted by- Karan Kundra and  Anusha Dandekar

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Season 3 participant…

  • Updated soon…

To be honest, the first season was not a great hit, which is why there is a now a new season hosted by another pair of celeb lovebirds, Because that is how we roll.

The show aired last night, and it disappointed. Again. But let us call a spade a spade; how much quality can you expect from a reality show where couples try to make their personal issues a public affair?

So, the show started with hosts Karan and Anusha doing a LOT of PDA (Public Display of Affection). And then the contestants started to show up for ‘audition.’ The couples had the usual problems-infidelity, commitment issues, lack of communication etc.

The couples who impressed the hosts were given a locket, and were asked to join the “love school.” And that was pretty much that.

Oh yes, there was also some drama in the show, thanks to Karan-who yelled at the participants-and Anusha; who got frustrated with some couples and cried, before walking out of the sets.

So, if you have a lot of free time, and have nothing better to do; we still advise you to stay away from the show. It is just not worth it.

Recently, Karan and Anusha got to know that Jagnoor has been lying to his girlfriend about being in love with her which led to a resurfacing of the conversation from the last season and questions about his sexual orientation cropped up. This really upset the love professors and they brought up the sensitive topic during the judgment night.

  Monica did admit that Jagnoor and her physical intimacy has not been as good as other couples because Jagnoor never takes any initiative. Looking at Monica breaking down and pleading Jagnoor, to be honest, Karan urged Jagnoor, “Be honest to Monica. Do not ruin her life and that’s all we want.”
  Commenting on the situation, Anusha said, “Jagnoor your life, your choice, your decisions, I respect it and I think for anybody out there that’s watching this, whatever your preferences, it’s yours, it’s not incorrect. I hope and pray that everybody has the right to choose whatever or whoever they want to fall in love with and live freely and happily.”

After being encouraged by the love professors to follow her heart, Monica finally decided to part ways with Jagnoor for her own go

MTV Love School Season 3 breaths of air every weekend at 7 pm.

When its available for download we’ll inform you by email.

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