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How To Get Media Net Approval In A Simple Way

How To Get Media Net Approval In A Simple Way: There are many add networks.But Media.net is one of them. (Media.net is Yahoo! and Bing’s network for contextual ads.)
However, the higher the quality of the ad network, the harder it is to get approval.Most of the applications were rejected & let me tell you, rejection is always disappointing.
  • I didn’t get lucky with my site; it got rejected. Sigh
Well, it would be wrong to blame bloggers or even Media.net for rejection, as Media.net doesn’t limit itself to only judging website content. They look for a lot of factors before accepting or rejecting an application.
Just in case you don’t know, once you get an approved account with them, you will get a dedicated manager who will help you at every stage to optimize your ad placements & settings for generating high revenue.
I’ve never before felt the luxury of having a dedicated manager just for having a publisher’s account on an advertising network.
If you have never applied, or your application was rejected, this guide will help you to understand what criteria they use to accept or reject a publisher’s application.
If you are confident about your site already, you can skip reading & create an account onMedia.net here.
  • Before you apply, be sure that Media.net is right for you.
Traffic Source- Crucial for earning huge:
For starters, know that one common complaint most bloggers have with Media.net is low revenue.
The primary reason for this is the geo-location of your traffic.
We have already talked about why we have low CPC in Asia country and this ad network follows a similar pattern. Unlike AdSense, this ad network works wonderfully for those websites which receive a high amount of traffic from countries like the U.S.A & the U.K.
However, there is a smart solution for this low CPC traffic & that is backup ads.
If you have an AdSense account or any other ad network account, you can use that to show backup ads when there is no ad inventory for other countries.


The language of your blog:
If your blog’s primary language is not English, your application will be rejected. This ad network (by Bing & Yahoo!) accepts only those websites which are primarily in English.
If you are one of those bloggers who is using dual languages (English + some other language) on your site, I suggest you try applying.
Ensure that the first few pages of your blog showcase only English content. Once you get approved, you should let your account manager know about the dual-language aspects of your page & make it clear that you will be placing ads only on English content pages. (This may or may not work, but what’s the harm in trying?)
Original content & regularly updated:
Ensure that you keep your blog regularly updated at the time of applying for approval.
This is one of their main criteria as they accept only active blogs.
If you have a good blog which you are not updating, you can follow the trick of recycling old content to fulfill this requirement.
Leave a good first impression:
This one is a no-brainer, but I feel it’s important to mention as a good percentage of our readers are newbie bloggers.
These 3 things should be true:
  1. Have the pages: about, Contact, and Privacy Policy
  2. The design should be simple & not cluttered
  3. Don’t use too many ads. In fact, when you have submitted your Media.net application, disable showing any ads for a few days.
This is one thing that’s very common among newbie & intermediate bloggers; they don’t take proper care of their sidebar widgets.
Get rid of any unwanted widgets such as live traffic or any kind of fancy things which don’t add any value to the content.
Tip: Take advantage of social proof, as this will leave a really good impression of your blog in the eyes of the reviewer. (Yes! They review all the applications manually.)


Rejection reason for medianet
Your blog/website should not indulge in any activity that is listed above.
Along with this, you should have quality & valuable content.
Ensure that you are not spreading piracy, hacking tools, or any such content which may harm an individual.
Follow the usual ethics of blogging & I don’t foresee any problems in getting approval.
Overall, Media.net has stricter policies when compared to AdSense.
But at the same time, it’s more rewarding in terms of revenue. 
So it’s at least worth trying.
I will keep sharing my insights & understandings about Media.net & similar ad networks in future posts. If you want to stay updated, subscribe to our email newsletter.
Do you use Media.net to monetize your website?  Share your reviews and opinions below in the comments section
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