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How to get more website traffic from Instagram

How to get more website traffic from Instagram

How to get more website traffic from Instagram:

Do you want to get more traffic and leads from your Instagram to your blog?Here is a tip for you that How to get more traffic from your Instagram.

Instagram is one of the hottest and most photo sharing social media platforms, bringing a humanity aspect to your brand. If you have a brand account on the Instagram, then your main attention(goal) is to inctrease more followers day by day(every day)

In the year 2012 facebook buy instagram for $1 billion.At 2016 Instagram introduced the buisness account.If you want to more traffic to your blog,your blog or website must be mobile friendly.

Hey everyone i am Md Kafilur Raheman,and i gonna tell you how to get more traffic from your Instagram account.There are 5 tips for growing your blog traffic from Instagram.

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Tip 1

Put the Link in Bio!

The simplest way to drive more traffic to your blog or website from Instagram is, including a link in your bio. You can update this link as often as you like, to any page on your website that you would like to drive.

Example –

How to get more website traffic from Instagram


Most brands link to their homepage and never change it.The brands which are driving the most revenue from Instagram frequently update the link as contineusly, and then include a call-to-action in their posts that tells users to click a link in their bio and drive the traffic to thier blog.

Example –

How to get more website traffic from Instagram

You could specify by saying,(click the link in bio for more information) or learn more or even (click the link in bio and use promo code XYZD to take 10% or more off for today only!


Get as creative as you want to win the sale. Just be sure to let people know how they can easily get to your site as regular Instagram posts aren’t clickable on their own way.

Tip 2

Run an Instagram Ad Campaign:

Instagram add campain is a simple way to drive traffic to your website from Instagram is by running an ad campaign.Before you run the instgram add campain,you need to focuse 6 major tips.

1.Target the right audience

2.Upgrade your visuals

3.Use creative Hashtags

4.Track customer comments

5.Schedule at optimal times

6.Create a call to action

You can also choose age,gender,relationship status,education level,workplace or jobs,location,entertainment preference,hobbies,interests etc.The main point of Instagram add campsin is,you can start your add with $5.

Tip 3

Tag your products:

Related image

Recently Instagram starts a new service that allows certain businesses to tag their products in their organic Instagram photos.When a user click the link of their products,they shown a small detail of that product and they have the option to drive through the click to the website to learn more or purchase the product.


Swipe up or See more on Instagram stories:

While organic stories are linkable,the post on Instagram aren’t linkable if you have a verified Instagram account.Many brands can become eligible for verification and get a lot of followers isn’t a requirement.


If you don’t have a verified account and you aren’t interested in completing the steps for getting verified, you can drive traffic to your website by working with an influencer who is verified.

For example, when the bookstore W.H. Smith wanted to promote their book club they worked with Zoella, a digital influencer who has a verified account, to promote the club.

Working with influencers has the added benefit of reaching a large audience that might not already be familiar with your brand. However, it can also be costly.

You should put aside the same type of budget you would for any traditional ad campaign when working with influencers. Many of the biggest and most professional digital influencers charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars for each social media mention. They can command these rates though because they know they can drive qualified traffic to your site.


Getting Started:

Now that you have a few ideas for how to drive traffic to your website from your Instagram marketing efforts it’s time to get started. Be like the Kate Spade team and help your followers go from inspiration to information and purchase in just a few steps!


So friends this is the trick How to get more website traffic from Instagram.Its really work for me.You must try this.

The Man Behind kafil.us.Md Kafilur Raheman is the chief seo Expert and Founder of "www.kafil.us". He has very deep intrest in all technology topics.